Thursday, September 27, 2007


Add some other strokes to increase distance and break it up.

Warm Up:
12x50s any stroke (I did free).
Main Set:
Total Distance: 2100 m

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Too Many 100s

A little boring but great for working on pacing

Warm Up:
2x100 free, 50 stroke
2x100 free, 50 kick
Main Set:
4x100 descend
1. base +10
2. base +5
3. base
4. base -5 (ouch!)
4x100 steady
run through this twice for 16
Total Distance: 2300 m

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sprint Swim Workout

Because to go fast, you have to swim fast!

Warm Up:
4x50 kick on back IM
(50 fly kick)
(50 breast kick)
(50 back kick)
(50 free kick)
all while on back 200
Main Set:
freestyle pull pyramid
steady going up
descending going down
Main Set II:
50 fast, 50 easy
2x50 fast, 100 easy
3x50 fast; 1x150 easy
4x50 fast; 200 easy
1x100 fast; 100 easy
2x100 fast; 100 easy
you can keep going with this, if you feel good
Total Distance: 2700 m
Short course pool (50 m)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Solid 300s

Great workout today!

Warm Up:
4x200 free with 1x50 stroke in every 200
Main Set:
2x150 free (middle 50 stroke)
1x300 free (count strokes first and last 50)
3x100 free
1x300 free (count strokes first and last 50)
6x50 choice
1x300 free (count strokes first and last 50)
Total Distance:
2600 meters