Friday, December 14, 2007

More Sprints--12 Workouts of X-mas

Coach is killing me with the Friday sprints!

Warm Up:
Fast 150 (free)
(Brrr! It's cold)
Swim to the first flag and do 3 somersaults. Swim back.
50 m free--take only 2 breaths entire time
500 m free (base)
Main Set:
4x300 sprint sets:
1. 3x50 (25 easy/25 fast); 1x150 fast
2. 3x50 (middle part fast); 1x150 fast
3. 3x50 (25 fast/25 easy); 1x150 fast
4. 3x50 (first and last part fast); 1x150 fast
Cool Down:
400 free easy
Total Meters: 2300 m

This was hard!!!

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