Friday, August 31, 2007

Hard 100s

Felt hard today but maybe b/c I'm tired from my ocean swim last night. Anyway, got a good 2500 meters in so I'm happy.

if swimming with others, take turns pulling every other 100 to get used to drafting for open-water practice.
2x50 (25 m free, 25 m back kick)
1x100 (25 each back, free, free, back 100)
2x50 (2x25 back-free)
2x50 (2x25 breast-free kick)
1x100 (25 each breast-free-free-breast)
2x50 (2x25 m each breast-fly)
Main Set:
5x100 (freestyle swim base with :10 rest b/tween; repeat 4xwith effort; 5th is recovery)
rest 1 minute after set
5x100 same as previous set but slightly harder
5x100 same as previous set but harder

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